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Sailor Senshi Icon Challenge

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Rules mostly based off of iconfiend100

1. Firstly, join the community before you make your claim. Participants can claim up to two subjects from two different fandoms, at 100 icons per subject. (2 subjects=200 icons.) Subjects can be a series/season, pairing, or a single character, and can be claimed by up to 10 people at a time. Subjects can appear in an icon with any other characters/pairings, but both halves of a pairing must appear in all icons together.
2. Once you've got your subjects, it's time for the themes! The themes are meant to be inspiration, and to challenge yourself to find a creative way to get your message across in 100x100 pixels. They can be stills or animated. Your icon does not have to contain the word or phrase, and there is no panel of judges to decide how relevant your work is. Just let your imagination go! You can make more than one icon per theme, but they must be posted all at once. This is to ensure that no one is posting icons for the same theme over and over again, and keeping their subject tied up for all eternity. (Clarification: you don't have to post all 100 icons in the same post, just multiples of the same theme.)
3. There will be 50 themes, and 50 "Artist's Choice" (which pretty much means whatever you feel like making, so long as it contains your subject). You can only post 50 Artist's Choice icons.

Here are the themes!

01. Forgiveness
02. Abandoned
03. Smile
04. Innocence
05. In the Moonlight
06. Stars
07. Numb
08. Friendship
09. Hero
10. Romance
11. Pride
12. Destiny
13. Faith
14. Memories
15. Cute
16. Glitter/Shining
17. Power
18. Fight
19. Anger
20. Sadness
21. Sacrifice
22. Loneliness
23. Believe
24. Colorful
25. Secrets
26. Annoyed
27. Eyes
28. "Happy" endings
29. Pain
30. Kiss
31. Regret
32. Music/Song
33. Humor/Laughter
34. Shocking
35. Attack
36. Serenity
37. Animal
38. Enemy
39. Betrayal
40. Lost
41. Rain
42. So Close Yet So Far Away
43. Food/Sweets
44. Tears
45. Defeat
46. Darkness
47. Lightness
48. Protect
49. Black & White
50. Beauty

4. When posting, you must post at least 5 icons at a time. The rest under a lj cut (fake or real). Use lj cuts with explicit material.
5. Since I'd like for this to be a place for other fans to come and find useable icons of their favorite characters and pairings, the icons you post here should be for public use. Mention your particular crediting policy on ALL your posts.

Artist: (Optional; if you joined the community with your icon journal but want to mention your own username, this'd be the place.)
# of icons in post:
# of icons completed total:
Credits: (This is only if you used brushes, fonts, screencaps etc. that need to be credited.)
6. When claiming, go here and use this format:
You may begin posting after a moderator accepts your claim.
7. If you claim, for example, Sailor Jupiter from the anime/manga, you may only post pictures of her (Kino Makoto, Sailor Jupiter, Super Sailor Jupiter, Eternal Sailor Jupiter) from the anime/manga, but not the musicals or live action. If you claim Kitagawa Keiko, you may only post pictures of her as Keiko, not as Hino Rei or Sailor Mars.
8. Do NOT bring drama into the community. That is completely unnacceptable.
9. Please read the community's FAQs before asking one there. It may already be answered.
10. Fan art is NOT ALLOWED, unless it is yours and you have stated so within the icon challenge. Doujinshi is acceptable though.

11. When you are done with your claim, please post here in the Hall of Fame with the form available in the post.